Having a visual identity (also called branding) is more than just having a logo. The fonts, colours, and supporting elements all combine to create the look and feel of your business. It’s an important first impression that can create a connection or disconnection with your audience.

1. Create recognition

Seeing the same colours, fonts and imagery associated with your brand will build familiarity with your customers, they’ll instantly know when they’re seeing your content or products because they’ll recognise your branding and imagery!

2. Attracts your target audience

Your branding conveys a message to your ideal customers on a subconscious level. They’ll be thinking: Something about this just speaks to me! You can use this to your advantage to attract the kind of customers you want to work with.

3. Save yourself time

Have you ever sat down to create an ad or post and then spent hours just choosing the font?? When you already have a font system in place you’ll know exactly which font to use where, and you’ll save a lot of time!

4. Create consistent content

When you have the systems in place that guide you on how things should look, it will be easier (and faster) to create visually consistent content across all your platforms. This ties in with building recognition for your brand and looking professional. 

5. Give your brand a personality

When your brand has a personality it helps people understand how they relate to it and decide if your product or service is a good fit for them. You’ll also be able to interact with them genuinely, as a living breathing person instead of a faceless corporation, EW.

6. Makes you look professional

Having a mish-mash of different colours and styles looks unprofessional. Consistent branding is a great way to build a reputation as a professional business and show your customers the value of the products or services you sell.

All these things add up to a friendly and trustworthy experience for people that are interacting with you and your business, they’ll feel like they know you on a personal level and be confident to buy from you.

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