This post started as a journal entry at the beginning of my business journey. I found myself feeling overwhelmed about being constantly told to share my story, what does that mean and how do I do that? I didn't think I had a story to tell...

If you’ve ever tried to achieve some big goals like starting a business you probably sought out advice, lectures and resources from other leaders in your field. It’s a great way to gain insight into yourself and your industry about what it takes to reach those goals.

They will almost always tell you how they got started, how passionate they were as a child, seemingly random events that lead them to their big break, their journey to becoming the expert they are today. Their words resonate through that rectangular portal, making you feel like theyre speaking directly to you even though this video was pre-recorded months ago. A lot of emphasis is put on this idea of sharing your story, being relatable and building trust with your audience and clients. They’re not wrong, they just pulled that trick on us! It worked, they sucked us in and we’re invested, we see ourselves in their story without even realising. 

I dunno if this is just me but whenever I’ve heard people saying this to me, share your story, I just think “but I don’t have a story, I haven’t done anything yet, how can I share my story if I don’t have one?” so I was disheartened about not having anything to share and feeling like I was missing some important part that was supposed to be the precursor to my success.

For the longest time I’ve had no idea who I really am or where I want to go in my career. This lack of knowing and lack of direction has caused me a lot of anguish and confusion. Then I started thinking about all the things in my life that have lead me to this point...

  • The struggles of not knowing who I am or what I want to do with my life.
  • Regular life dramas that get in the way.
  • Thinking that it's too much work, it will take a long time or I don't deserve that.
  • Dealing with depression and anxiety and just trying to stay afloat.

I realised those are probably pretty relatable things that we all go through, especially when we're trying to start a business.

Mental health has been a big part of my journey, holding me back from achieving things. But I finally found it’s time to act, even in small ways, to just keep going. Even if it doesn't turn into much or if its only small, that will still be a success because I did it.

Against all odds of my stupid brain telling me I cant, I made it. I pushed through the noise, the self sabotage, the not feeling worthy.

I found the strength to give myself a chance. 

That is my story.

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