Let me share a popular myth with you that I totally believed too: Scaling your design business is tough - especially if you’re just starting out. I’m not saying that it’s easy but I definitely think we make it much harder for ourselves by: 

  • Filling our heads with lies about how we’re not good enough
  • Fantasizing about how great it must be to be like those other designers who got it all figured out
  • Trying a hundred different scaling strategies at the same time until we reach burnout and overwhelm
  • Wasting time doing the same thing over and over, and in a different way to last time cause we can’t remember how we did it...

I know the feels all too well. But then I realised that instead of winging it every time I could be more consistent, save time, and gain confidence knowing I was showing up as a professional by focusing my energy to my internal processes and client experience. By elevating your client experience, not only are you showing up as a real pro in the industry, but you’re also improving your client relationships, communication and retention all which lead to increased demand and higher project rates! 

Now, how exactly do you do that? 

I wanna introduce you to Gigi from One6Creative – an Educator for Designers who want to scale their business with ease and confidence. Gigi has been an incredible inspiration to me as she built her agency on her own, going from 50-dollar projects on Upwork to a six-figure design agency. She’s now releasing her Designer Business templates (the exact documents she uses with her own clients!) that I’ve used myself to streamline my processes and better serve my own clients.

These templates cover every single step of the process from the moment you receive an enquiry and need to convert them into a paying client, to the moment you wrap up a project and want toensure the client will bring you more work in the future.

Here’s a look at what you’ll find inside Gigi’s Designer Business Bundle: 

  • A Proposal that Converts leads into paying clients effortlessly by helping you show up as a trusted and valued expert and get that YES from your next client;
  • A Client Welcome Guide to set the right expectations for your project and impress your client from the very beginning – the secret to a smooth project with minimum hiccups;
  • A Brand Strategy & Direction Template to build and present a powerful brand strategy for your client that focuses on their mission, goals, target audience and so much more; 
  • A Brand Concept Presentation to help you confidently deliver your ideas and get your client to fall in love with their new brand identity;
  • A Brand Style Guide to really up your designer game and impress your clients with a professional brand document that will allow them to maintain brand consistency as they move forward; and,
  • A Client Goodbye Guide that truly puts a cherry on top of the project and helps you build long-lasting client relationships who not only refer you to other people but keep coming back for more too! 
So if you wanna streamline your own process, save HOURS of precious time, and impress your clients, these templates are going to blow your mind!

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