The Breakthrough Designer

If I could only recommend one design business course it would be this one. Gigi from One6 Creative is the most present and inviting teacher I've had the pleasure to learn from. The amount of value I got (and continue to get) from this course was worth at least 4x what I paid.

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The Webflow Masterclass

When I purchased this course I wasn't sure if it would be for me, would I get enough out of it? The answer was 100% yes! It gave me the kickstart I needed to get serious about learning web dev. The lessons are easy to watch and access to the community is the gift that keeps on giving. Check out Ran's Instagram for heaps of free value!

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Design Sprint Masterclass

AJ & Smart are the pros at getting shit done! Check out their YouTube channel for tips and tricks on productivity, decision making and UX design. They have a very active community and love to help each other out (:

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Full Time You

Meg Lewis is an expert at expressing herself and fully embracing who she is. I'm a very introspective person and I gained so many new insights from going through her course that helped me connect the dots within myself. Her positivity and acceptance is infectious.

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Products & Services


The platform that gave me the confidence to upscale my business! Webflow is a next level website builder creating real, clean code as you design. They're constantly bringing out updates and adding new features so it can only get better!

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Preset screen sizes, text and colour styles, and access to google fonts makes designing for mobile or web quick and easy in Figma. If you wanna get heaps fancy you can even make animated prototypes and collaborate in real time with other people in the same project!

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One6 Creative Templates

What's the one thing that will save you 10,000 hours and 85 headaches? Templates. Gigi's templates are crammed full of value, will save your time and sanity, and give you the confidence boost to raise your rates.

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I was really surprised at the versatility of square's platform. They offer invoicing, online payments, e-commerce, and even in person point of sale! They also have one of the lowest fee rates I could find when I was choosing my payment platform.

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Biz Buds

One of the most actionable, value filled podcasts out there, every episode is like a step by step guide on how to succeed. Hosted by two incredibly candid and genuine guys, Mike Janda and Tom Ross, this podcast will give you non stop tips and motivation to crush your goals.

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Creative Pep Talks

Another super actionable podcast from illustrator Andy J Pizza who’ll do everything in his power to keep you at maximum pep! His positive and lighthearted vibe makes for a gentle kick in the butt to keep pushing forward.

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The Futur

If you don’t know The Futur already you really need to go to their YouTube channel right now! It’s jam packed with educational videos, interviews, tutorials, business tips and more.

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Personal Favs

Up Bank

I'm not exagerrating when I say I love this bank. I'm very serious about managing my money and always looking for things to make it easier. Up's features (like categories, multiple savings buckets and auto-round ups) help you know where your money is going and keep your goals on track! Plus their app is really cool :P

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I've been using the MiGoals weekly diary this year and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Out of the hundreds of planners I've looked at, their layouts are my favourite. Minimal and detailed at the same time! Plus there's so much room to crush your goals *flex*.

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