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Man writing on post it notes on the wall.

Does this sound like you...

Do you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by the amount of tasks to do or new ideas in your head?

It’s so hard to focus on just one thing when there’s so many things that need to be done.

We might find ourselves so bogged down in deciding what to focus on that we end up doing nothing at all!

Wasting our time being stressed and putting things off instead of taking action.

And that’s not the only time waster of this kind that we experience in our work life...

A common grievance in almost all businesses is that there are too many meetings that go on forever and don’t solve much.

Does this sound familiar...

  • Projects are unclear and timelines drag out for months
  • Loudest person gets their ideas heard
  • Meetings to talk about when we'll have another meeting
  • Disconnection and frustration between teams
  • The chosen solution often isn’t validated no one really knows if it worked

So, how do we solve this?

By using a proven framework to capture problems & find the solution quickly & without friction.

Group of people in a metting, a woman points to some notes on the white board.

After using Clarity Workshop as guide we can see benefits like:

Clear direction and renewed focus for what needs to be done.
Alignment across teams and departments.
Trade wasted time in meetings with no outcomes for quick solutions and action plans.
Equal opportunity and inclusivity for people who may be more reserved to have their ideas heard.
Proven effective with remote teams which is becoming more important in today’s world.

The Core Idea

Tame unsctructured meetings, cut out endless discussions and give everyone the opportunity to have their ideas heard.

By using these ideas we can become more efficient, productive and promote an inclusive culture of respect and accountability throughout all teams and even in our daily lives.

What makes this process different from normal meetings?

The main thing that makes this system so different and effective is a concept called Together-Alone, where we have the opportunity to be together in the same room but work quietly without discussion.

This eliminates people talking over each other and going around in circles. It also means people who are a bit more reserved can have the same chance to put their ideas out there to the group as someone who is more confident to speak up.

The Process

A simple 4 step process that will take you from cluttered & chaotic to organised & focused

Capture Problems

We start by brain dumping all problems, concerns or tasks that are weighing our minds down.

Decide Priorities

Next, we’ll decide which things will have the most impact to improve or work on first.

Generate Solutions

Then, we’ll take the problems we chose and generate as many solutions to them as we can.

Take Action

Finally, we can create a simple, tangible action plan so we can start testing and validating the solutions.

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The simplicity and repeatability of this system makes the Clarity Workshop super flexible.

Combat feelings of overwhelm and burn out.
Gain clarity and direction with clear priorities.
Understand what’s working and not working on specific projects and how to fix it.
Boost morale and improve culture within your teams.
Allow people the opportunity to voice their ideas and opinions fairly and without judgement.
Quickly test and validate multiple solutions to a problem.
Group of people in a meeting looking at a computer screen.

What's included in the workshop?

Clarity Workshop

A 1 hour workshop where we’ll discover things that are working well, could be improved and holding you back from getting things done.

No supplies needed

All you’ll need to bring is yourself,  your team and an open mind ready to make positive changes in your business. I’ll supply the rest.

Session SUmmary

A simple summary report outlining the findings from the session and the action plans that were created with timelines.

your price

1 Hour Clarity Workshop
All materials supplied
Post workshop summary
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Ready to start taking action? This service was created for you if...

You’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list.
You’re having trouble making decisions and taking action.
Your team is plagued by unproductive meetings.
You want to quickly find and prioritise problems and create the solutions.
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A portrait photo of Ash holding a rainbow lorikeet

That bit about me

Hey, I'm Ash!

I’m a designer and brand strategist for Aussie small business owners who are feeling overwhelmed with all the things on their plate. I help you gain clarity on your goals through workshopping, and confidence with branding and web design.

I know what it’s like feeling overwhelmed with all those tasks and new ideas whizzing around in your head. Not knowing what to focus on or being able to make a decision.

Well stress less, because I'm here to show you how you can quickly and easily prioritise everything you need to do and create a simple action plan to get that stuff done!


You might be wondering...

What happens after I book?

I'll get in touch for your free consult to find out more about you and your situation and make sure the Clarity Workshop is a good fit for you.

What can I use a Clarity Workshop for?

These workshops are so flexible they can be used for almost anything that needs prioritising and decision making. Things like: brainstorming, problem solving, team alignment, feedback sessions, project management, even deciding what to have for lunch!

How long does this process take?

It's incredibly quick, we can get from a tangle of tasks and problems to tangible action plans in only 1 hour!

I still have more questions...

The easiest way to get in touch is to connect with me on Instagram or email

Ready to renew your focus, align your team and quickly solve the most important probelms?

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